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Finding a fishing rod that is fit for purpose can sometimes be overwhelming. In a world of increasing options, we will do our very best to point you in the right direction. Our expert team have not only curated a market-leading range of fishing rods but provides valuable insights into their purpose, features & benefits. To make sure you are looking in the right space, see below an overview of all types of fishing rods we offer at Land & Sea.
  • Boat Rods: Overhead boat rods provide NZ anglers with one of our favourite ways to target fish all over the country. From ledger rig fishing and stray lining through to trolling rods, this is a great place for matching a fishing rod to your overhead reel.
  • Soft Bait Rods: One of our favourite & over-curated ranges, we are passionate about all things lure fishing. Browse a carefully selected range of soft bait rods from the world’s most trusted manufacturers. Our team have pulled together every option you need to see & removed everything you don’t. Cast again. 
  • Jigging Rods: If you're jigging or live baiting for big kingfish, this is the category for you to browse. Supporting the big brands, this category sees the entry of specialists in building heavy-duty yet user-friendly light game rods. Check out NZ’s best range of jigging & live bait rods here.  
  • Topwater Rods: We love to cast lures for big pelagic species therefore have hand-picked a leading selection of topwater fishing rods for the NZ market. Growing in popularity each year, this is an incredible way to target some of your favourite species. Check out our full selection here. 
  • Slow Jig Rods: Possessing some unique features, selecting the correct slow jig rod will make a big difference in the enjoyment of your day on the water. Generally slightly shorter in length, slow jig rods are designed to fish vertically in the water collum. Check out our full range of slow jog rods here. 
  • Surf & Land-based Rods: Surf casting is one of the best ways to take advantage of a special NZ fishery. Unique in their design our selection of surf & land based rods suits all anglers from beginners to hardcore surf casting legends. 
  • Light Spin Rods: Both for freshwater & saltwater fishing applications, our range of light spin rods has you covered. Growing in popularity, the art of micro-baiting has opened up many possibilities. Our buying team has picked the best spin rods appropriate for your finesse requirements. 
  • Travel Rods: Browse a huge selection of travel rods from multi-piece to telescopic. We are passionate about your ability to pack down your fishing rod and head out on your next adventure. As technology continues to increase, our ability to offer high-quality travel rods does too. Check out the full range here. 
Now that we have you looking in the right direction, it’s a good time to introduce you to our expert buying guides, providing in-depth reviews of the best fishing rods in NZ. Check them out now:
It’s important to note that a rod is generally only useful when paired with the right fishing reel. Good thing we know what we are talking about over on our fishing reels section too! Once again to make your shopping experience that little less stressful, here are a couple of our favourite buying guides that are worth looking at! 
When it comes to choosing the right fishing reel the needle is always moving as technology develops. This is where we come in. As experts, we take the task of curating the best range of fishing reels very seriously & as a result work closely with the world-leading reel manufacturers. 

Why shop with Land & Sea

When it comes to fishing rods, we don’t like the thought of picking a rod out of a global catalogue. The New Zealand fishery requires a particular set of specifications therefore we take the extra time to carefully select a range of rods suitable for NZ waters. Select from the world’s biggest brands such as Daiwa, Shimano, Jig Star, Okuma, Penn, CD Rods, Ocean’s Legacy, Accurate & many more. Not only do we offer the best selection of fishing rods in NZ but our team pull together complete buying guides to make your purchasing experience as informative as possible. 



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