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About Land & Sea

Like many New Zealanders, founder & owner Matt Wouldes grew up closely attached to the coastline of New Zealand. Spending every waking moment as a kid finding something outdoors to keep occupied. As Matt’s connection with the water grew so did the curiosity of what lay beneath it. A natural love for Fishing and Adventure was inevitable and somewhat unavoidable. 

After cutting his teeth within the traditional sports market both in retail & wholesale Matt acquired an in-depth knowledge of the fashion & recreational goods market both here in New Zealand and in key global markets around the world. What became more and more clear was the Fishing & Outdoor market in New Zealand required a premium platform where passionate outdoors men & woman can be immersed in the industry they love the most. 

The dream of Land & Sea was first born some 5 or 6 years ago and a methodical plan was hatched to ensure the execution matched the vision. The ethos was developed to ensure that customers all over New Zealand have easy and accessible access to a user friendly, high quality, inclusive experience both in-store and online. 

It was clear – to design and develop an ever-evolving platform that strives to meet consumer demand and provide New Zealand’s most premium experience within the outdoor retail & e-commerce market. 

The next step was to bring together a team of like-minded people who shared the same unquestioned passion for the outdoors along with a real understanding of the L&S vision. The Land & Sea team form the next generation of leaders within the NZ outdoors industry. Connected directly to the evolution of our suppliers, their products, brands & market trends our team is passionate about being at the forefront of our industry.  

Land & Sea boasts two premium platforms. provides outdoor enthusiasts all over the country with a premium e-commerce website that gives access to the world's biggest outdoor brands, shipped fast & direct to every part of New Zealand. Secondly, the Land & Sea Concept & Experience store provides a unique space where the New Zealand public can be immersed in all things fishing, camping & outdoors. Centrally located in Pollen Street, Grey Lynn the L&S Store is easy to access from all parts of Auckland. 

Introducing the next generation of outdoor retail. 

Land & Sea – Where passion meets expectation. 



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