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When it comes to finding the best offering of specialised Fly Fishing gear, Land & Sea is the ultimate place for passionate anglers. Partnering with the world’s best fly fishing brands Land & Sea offers NZ the best online shopping experience for all your fly fishing needs.

Here is a full rundown on everything we offer you as a keen angler & some:

  • Fly Fishing Rods: When choosing the best fly fishing rod fit for purpose there is a bit to consider. What weight line will you be fishing? Where will you be fishing? What are you fishing for? We offer a huge range of fly fishing rods from beginners to custom fly rods built specifically for you. 
  • Fly Fishing Reels: Matching your fly reel with the appropriate fly rod & fly line is a vital piece to the puzzle for any fly fisherman. A reliable & trusted fly reel is important therefore we only stock quality reels from trusted manufacturers.
  • Fly Fishing Combos: Pulling together the right fly fishing package can be a complicated process. Making sure your rod is perfectly matched with your fly rod then ensure your fly line is suited to the weight of both components. We have taken all the thinking out of the equation. 
  • Fly Fishing Waders: Breathable & comfortable waders are an important part of any fly fishing trip. Picking the correct set of waders needs to be an easy process. Specialising in premium waders from both Simms & Patagonia, we have included full-size guides to make selecting the perfect wader easy!
  • Wading Boots: Wading boots are designed to specifically plough through rivers, streams & creeks with ease while providing you with superior traction than regular footwear. Modern-day technology means wading boots are lightweight & subtle but remain ridged enough to ensure you maintain your balance on uneven terrain. 
  • Lines, leaders & tippets: Ensuring you have the right tippet attached to your mainline can be the difference between hooking a fish or not. Our huge range of tippets & leaders gives you every option you could possibly need. 
  • Landing Nets: Picking the right landing net is not as simple as it may seem. Obviously a vital part of the equation, landing nets can often be cumbersome to carry around. View our impressive range of premium landing nets.

Often when we embark on a trek down a river, chasing trout or salmon we pack more than just our fly fishing kit. The riverbank can be a place of relaxation, rest or even camp for the night. With adventure in mind, let’s point you in the right direction. 

  • Soft Coolers: Keep your sandwiches & beers cold the entire day with our full range of soft coolers from the likes of Yeti, Dometic, Coleman & many more.  
  • Head Torches: Don’t get lost in the dark. View our full range of head torches and lighting to keep yourself safe on the river bank. 
  • Drinkware: Keep hydrated or even keep your port cool for the entire day on the river. Our full range of drinkware provides options for every angler. A category lead by the likes of Yeti & Dometic, we have everything covered.  
  • Eyewear: Don’t miss a thing on the river. Our full range of specialised shallow water eyewear gives you the added advantage you need. When fishing a pool a high-quality set of sunglasses can be the difference. Check out our buying guide for the best fishing glasses on the market. What can we say, our team love a good set of sunnies! 
  • Cookers & Ovens:  A riverside cook-up is one of life’s luxuries that we recommend everyone gets to experience. Therefore we have curated a range of portable cookers that you can take anywhere. Worth a look! 

Why shop at Land & Sea

Land & Sea works closely with the world-leading fly fishing brands available in NZ. Our team have crafted a product offering from experience & guidance from NZ’s best fly fishermen. Our brands include the likes of Simms, Patagonia, Scott, Scientific Angler, Ross, Primal, Airflo & many more. We are experts in our field – check out our buying guides to ensure you are buying the right product for you!





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