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No matter your style of fishing there is a good chance you have a stash of terminal fishing tackle to support you in your quest. Ensuring you are equipped with the right hooks, leader, accessories or even storage makes life around the water that little bit easier. That being said, the terminal tackle category can be a little overwhelming therefore we will do our best to break it down for you. Here is a quick overview of all the categories we recommend looking into:
  • Fishing Hooks: Let’s get straight to the pointy end, without a sharp hook it is tough to hook that fish you have been targeting. We only stock the best & when it comes to hooks we think there is a lot to be said for trust. World-renowned hook manufacturers such as BKK, Black Magic & Mustad keep you in the game. To get you straight to the place you want to be, check out our most popular options of hooks below. 
  • Fishing Leader: Ensuring you are using the correct leader is paramount to enticing the bite from predatory fish. Choosing between fluorocarbon & Monofilament leaders can make all the difference. We also have a carefully selected range of prerigged Leaders to get you in the bite zone quickly. 
  • Braid & Mono Fishing Line: In our opinion, one of the most important pieces of equipment in your arsenal is your choice of fishing line. Modern times have seen many anglers shift towards braided fishing lines which has seen an array of benefits. Still popular for many is monofilament, providing great options for stray lining through to game fishing. This is the place to browse all your fishing line needs including IGFA Monofilament. 
  • Tackle Storage: Now that you have a pleather of terminal tackle, your going to need somewhere to put it. We have pulled together a carefully selected range of tackle storage options from hard cases & soft cases to smaller box options & rod bags. 
  • Sinkers & Swivels: Let’s get to the bottom of it with our full range of sinkers & swivels. A space that we have worked closely with over the last year or so to protect the environment. We have now made the shift towards lead-free sinkers in an attempt to remove lead from our oceans. Browse our full range here. 
  • Split Rings & Solid Rings: Vital for lure fishing, split rings & solid rings act as an essential link between your components & the fish you have hooked. As a result we only offer the most trusted of components to ensure you can fish with full confidence. Check out the full range. 
  • Crimps & Floats: Calling all game fishermen. A full selection of crimps & crimping equipment is available here. Another great way to protect the environment has been the shift towards floats vs the use of balloons when live baiting. We have pulled together the full offering for your convenience.  
Now that we have you browsing in the right section, it’s a good time to introduce you to our expert buying guides, providing in-depth reviews of all the things you need to know to find the right equipment for you. Here’s a couple of articles we think you may find interesting:

Why shop with Land & Sea

When it comes to knowledge of fishing equipment, methods of fishing & the technical component behind the sport – the team at Land & Sea has you covered. We are passionate about sharing all our knowledge & therefore continue to expand our buying guides and inspirational articles for your reading. This is a great space to learn more about all areas of the outdoors. Check it out! Our team only work with the world’s biggest brands to provide you with quality products you can trust. Our offering in terminal tackle includes BKK, Black Magic, Daiwa, Shimano, Redo, Wise Angler, PowerPro, Flambeau, Berkley, Jig Star and many more. 



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