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Frequently asked questions about soft baits

What are the best colours for soft bait? Like many baits, the best-performing colour can vary depending on the time of day & the feeding habits of your target species. The most popular soft bait colours in NZ waters are Bruised Banana, Grey Nomad Glow & Atomic Sunrise. These are essentially Grey, Brown / Yellow & Orange.
What is the best bait for snapper in New Zealand? Second to bait & berley fishing, soft baits would be the next most popular way to target Snapper in NZ. Soft bait fishing is a great way to target snapper year-round in both deep water and shallow water. Possibly the most exciting method of snapper fishing is shallow water soft bait fishing.
What is the best Jig Head or Hook to use for soft bait fishing? There are many options available to anglers these days however the recent release of Bait Junkie Jig Heads from Daiwa sets a new standard. Carved from a trusted BKK hook and incorporating a new keeper design, this man just be the best all-round jig head we have seen.
Do soft baits dry out? When using a conventional oil-based PVC like Gulp soft baits, your bait will dry out if left outside of its water-soluble scent. Z-Man & Bait Junkie on the other hand will remain subtle and therefore fishable due to their ElaZtech & Elastomax technologies.
What is the best soft bait for kingfish? Kingfish will often target larger soft baits as they provide a profile like a bait fish such as a pilchard, jack mackerel or Kahawai. If targeting kingfish with soft bait, use a 7 or 9-inch bait or even a 12-inch bait where appropriate. Pro tip – make sure you use a heavier gauge hook to handle the power of a feeding kingfish.
What soft bait to use? As a general rule of thumb; always match the hatch. If your target species is feeding on anchovies, use a smaller profile bait such as a 2.5 or 3.2-inch minnow. If you are chasing XOS snapper in the shallows, use a 7-inch bait that resembles a larger profile bait fish. If you are fishing shallow waters and require a slower decent, fish a large Bait Junkie. We always recommend carrying an array of baits to allow you to remain agile during your session.
What colour soft bait is best for Kingfish? Although all colours will work at some stage some colours perform more consistently than others. The best three colours in NZ waters are Orange, Yellow / Brown & Grey. Typically named Grey Nomad Glow, Atomic Sunrise & Bruised Banana.
What is the best brand of soft bait? The leading three brands in soft bait manufacturing are Gulp, Z-Man & Daiwa Bait Junkie. Although there are a host of other players within the space, we anticipate market share between the big three brands to be more than 95%.
Is Gulp better than Z-Man? Gulp provides a much different proposition for the angler than Z-Man. Gulp is a conventional PVC while Z-Man is a non-toxic plastic that provides greater durability than conventional PVC. Although Gulp does not last as long as plastic bait it will extract more scent generally attracting more bites.
What colour Bait Junkie soft bait is best? The most popular Daiwa Bait Junkie colour is Grey Nomad Glow. This colour resembles much of the natural colours of bait fish that snapper & kingfish often feed on. Available in 5-inch & 7-inch jerk shad along with a 4-inch grub this colour is usable in all fishing situations.

Soft Bait Lures

Soft bait lure fishing has been gaining popularity since the early 2000s & now the art of soft baiting is as strong as ever. The soft bait movement has seen continuous development of not only soft bait lures but jig heads & tackle alike. Sometimes it can be a bit tough to keep up with the latest & greatest from tackle manufacturers so we will do out best to streamline it for you. 
For a full rundown on the world of soft bait lures; our experts have pulled together the ultimate buying guide for soft bait lures in NZ. A great place to learn everything you need to ensure your next trip is a winner! 
  • Soft Bait Packs: Soft bait packs are a convenient & cost-effective option that allows the angler to invest in multiple colours & styles of soft bait. Depending on the size of bait, you will receive between 4 – 6 baits per packet. Oil-Based PVC baits will also carry a water-based scent to allow the bait to marinate while stored. 
  • Soft Bait Tubs: Soft bait tubs are exclusive to the very popular Berkley Gulp Soft Baits. A great way to purchase a large quantity of your favourite lure. Most tubs will hold in excess of 20 plus baits which make tubs a great option for those who choose to remain consistent. All tubs include a water-based scent which keeps the baits ready for action.  
  • Limited Edition Soft Bait Packs: We get access to an exclusive soft bait offer from our key brands every now and again. This is a great way to get your hands on a limited edition lure that you won’t find on the shelves anywhere else! 
  • Slug-Go Soft Baits: Slug-Go Soft Baits are a great addition to any top water anglers tackle bag. Easy to swim, easy to cast & deadly to Kingfish & Snapper alike. Slug-go baits are pre-rigged with strong hooks; simply tie your uni knot & away you go. 
  • Gels & Scents: A must-have for any soft bait lure fishermen, scents can be the difference between a hot session & a slow bite. Most baits are now designed with belly slits to allow the application of a scent enhancement gel. Our team have curated NZ’s best range of soft bait scent gels. 
Now that you have a good rundown of our soft bait offering, there are a few other things you should check out to optimise your next soft bait mission. Luckily our team have curated a specialised range of specialised soft bait gear!  
  • Soft Bait Jig Heads: Fishing the correct jig head is a crucial piece to of the puzzle when it comes to soft bait fishing. Luckily we have a huge range of jig heads to pair with your selected soft bait. Only fish the best jig heads from the likes of Daiwa, Ocean Angler, Berkley, TT Lures & Z-man.
  • Soft Bait Reels: We stock a massive range of the world’s best soft bait reels for all anglers no matter the budget. Picking the correct soft bait reel is vital to ensuring your success as an angler. Choose from leading brands such as Shimano, Daiwa, Penn & Okuma. 
  • Soft Bait Rods: Select from NZ’s best range of soft bait rods here at Land & Sea. Our team of experts have pulled together the best soft bait rods for your convenience. The world-leading rod builders such as Daiwa, Okuma, Composite Developments, Shimano, Penn, Abu Garcia & Oceans Legacy.
  • Braid & Leaders: Ensuring you have the correct braided fishing line can not only affect the performance of your gear but also keep your gear within the manufacturer’s warranty. Our full range of braid is all you need to keep your spool covered. Our large selection of fluorocarbon leaders is the key ingredient you need to get one over that cleaver snapper. 
  • Accessories: Clips & Swivels are great ways to speed up the changing of your jig heads. A convenient addition to your soft bait arsenal. 
A great way to understand all aspects of the above, our team, have pulled together some buying guides that may make your decision-making that little bit easier. Check them out. 

Why shop with Land & Sea

Land & Sea is passionate about soft bait lure fishing & are experts within the field. We have stacked our offering from the world leaders within the space to ensure you have access to the latest and greatest of soft bait products. Our offering of soft baits includes Daiwa Bait Junkie, Z-Man, Gulp & Pro Cure Scents. Not only do we have all the latest soft bait products, we provide insightful buying guides to help you grab the right products for you! 



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