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Coolers & Drinkware

We enjoy few things more than an ice-cold beverage after a big day outdoors or a piping-hot coffee to start the day. Therefore it’s no secret we take our selection of coolers & drinkware very seriously here at Land & Sea. Your cooler, or Chilly Bin in NZ, is your portable fridge that plays an important role in every adventure. 
The conventional chilly bin has gone through significant redesign over the last decade resulting in some impressive options for us enthusiasts. This innovation has not been exclusive to the hard cooler space but the complete reinvention of soft coolers. So you can better understand our extensive offering we have broken out our range into bite-size chunks below. 

Better understanding types of coolers

There are two main types of coolers – Hard Coolers & Soft Coolers. Both offer different benefits and ultimately are used for different purposes. Let’s run through each & in which situations we recommend either one. 

Hard Coolers

Choosing the right Hard Cooler can be confusing within a saturated market full of chilly bin brands offering a plastic bin with some form of insulation. The real challenge with understanding what you're buying is the thing that makes the bin valuable is hidden under its plastic shell; the insulation. Brands such as Yeti are renowned for their insulation power resulting in your ice staying frozen for longer. When comparing the likes of Yeti coolers with the rest of the market the number one difference is exactly that… an extended cooling period. 
Now there are other key features to consider such as durability, size, design & price but we pay more for a cooler the longer it keeps the beer cold. Here’s a list of our favourite cooler brands that provide great performance.
View the full range of Hard coolers here

Soft Coolers

Soft coolers are great for transporting packed lunches, a few drinks for the day or a bottle of wine to the neighbour’s place on a summer evening. Commonly used when heading out on the boat with the family Soft coolers provide a convenient way to transport chilled goods. Like Hard Coolers, Soft coolers come in many different qualities of insulation and therefore provide differing performances. One big benefit of Soft coolers is that they often take shape in the form of backpacks, carry bags or even tote bags. This provides an ease of transport and function. 
View the full range of Soft coolers here


It’s no coincidence that the world’s biggest cooler brands also play a big part in insulated drinkware. We suppose once you understand how to keep things cool, you can keep your coffee warm too. With our drinks consumed in many different ways these days from 8oz coffee cups to 1 Gallon water carriers our range is nothing short of massive. Like everything we do, we have selected only the best offering of world-class drinkware from the likes of Yeti to provide you with NZ’s best selection of drinkware available online. 
View our full range of drinkware here

Fridge Freezers 

If you're like us & love to go camping or travelling in your 4WD then you’re going to love the thought of having a fully operational fridge freezer in your boot. Typically running off your vehicle 12 electronic system, fridge freezers offer incredible convenience with their ability to keep your produce fresh for longer. Our team have carefully selected the world’s best fridge freezers of all shapes, sizes & functions.

Other crafty options to consider within Coolers & Drinkware:

  • Barware: It’s no secret we love a beer therefore we build you a barware offering to match our passion. This is a place where you can find a large selection of colsters, cocktail shakers, ice trays, wine tumblers, Beverage buckets, ice buckets & more.. 
  • Buckets: Sometimes you need more than just a bucket. That’s where we come in. Our selection of LoadOut go buckets & accessories brings a new meaning to the humble bucket. 
  • Water coolers: Keep hydrated through the summer months with our range of water carriers. Perfect for camping or sporting occasions. 
  • Cooler Accessories: Here we offer an extensive offering of accessories to accompany your new cooler. From ice bricks to dividers and everything in between. 
When considering your next Cooler or Drinkware purchase keep an eye out for limited edition collections. Land & Sea presents NZ’s best execution of limted Yeti collections – find out about the latest drops here ‘Collections by Yeti | The gift that keeps on giving’

Why shop at Land & Sea

Land & Sea is passionate about the Coolers & Drinkware space, working with the world’s biggest brands within their respective spaces. Our team have brought together the likes of Yeti, Dometic, Front Runner, Coleman, Kiwi Camping & more to showcase NZ’s best outdoor offering. 



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