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Shelters are an extremely popular addition to campsites, gatherings or events all around NZ and for good reason. Shelters are a great way to keep protected from the elements in a country that throws rain, hail & shine at you all in the same day. Select from NZ’s best selection of shelters and gazebos both in conventional pole designs & air options.  
  • Shelters: A good quality shelter is the most popular way for Kiwis to find refuge from the sun, rain & bugs while out enjoying NZ beaches, parks & campgrounds. View our full range of spacious shelters from the likes of Coleman, Kiwi Camping & More..  
  • Gazebos: Much like a good shelter, gazebos offer a great way to shelter from the elements during a hot NZ summer. Particularly popular around sporting grounds all over the country, make sure you are protected this summer. 
  • Beach Shelters: Managing your time in the harsh NZ sun is something we all grew up very aware of. A great way to do this is with a quality beach shelter. Particularly handy for young kids, our shelters provide a space where they can play safely. 
  • Showers: Privacy when you really need it. Camping showers are a must-have for any campsite; providing a place to hide away in private to either shower or simply change into a bathing suit. 
  • Sunwalls & Covers: Add additional protection to your current shelter or gazebo with our extensive range of sun walls. If your shelter requires an updated cover, this is a great place to save money and extend the life of your frame. 
There is always a long Wishlist of things you will want to build out your set-up at camp or BBQ at the beach so we have taken the time to point you in the right direction. Here are a few links to areas of our site we recommend checking out once you have selected your ideal shelter. 

Why shop at Land & Sea

When it comes to building a campsite, our team are passionate about getting the right equipment together & covering all bases. Our experts work only with trusted brands within their respective spaces to bring the best products to market. For us, there is more to it than just having great products so our team have built a series of buying guides to help make your experience with us a little bit better. 



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