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Fishing Accessories

When you walk into the garage & eyeball your fishing collection it’s always amazing how many random tools & accessories we have. To some, it may seem over the top but to us tools & accessories make fishing that little bit more seamless & enjoyable. For good reason, we are passionate about finding unique and useful tools from suppliers all over the world. In this category, you will find all the tools & accessories you would expect with the addition of carefully selected equipment from premium supplies. It’s a space like no other, an opportunity to explore & browse products not found elsewhere. 
  • Tools & Knives: This is a passion project for our team & it’s hard to put it any other way other than we love the craftsmanship that goes into sharp objects. We are on a mission to curate NZ’s best range of knives & tools for the outdoors. From NZ-made to high-end knives designed & manufactured offshore. This is your one-stop shop for anything sharp you need for your next adventure. 
  • Measures & Scales: It’s no secret we are big advocates of catch & release fishing practice but we also encourage the measurement & weighing of fish in order to appropriately brag to friends & family. This is a great place to cycle through our selection of electric scales & brag mats. 
  • Reel Covers & Spool Belts: If you are going to spend thousands of dollars on your collection of fishing reels then we need to help you protect them. We have pulled together a complete selection of reel covers that are made from high-quality neoprene for all reels, no matter the brand. Another great accessory to any spin reel is a spool belt. Stop the annoying unravelling of your leader forever! 
  • Nets & Gaffs: Securing your catch at the boat is a must but nets are one of these necessary evils to have on a boat. They take up space and are generally cumbersome. Our buying team work closely with our leading suppliers to curate a range of cleaverly-designed nets & gaffs that make them less of a burden. Check out the range here.
  • Towels & Blankets: We take your comfort on the water pretty seriously therefore have pulled together a selection of towels & blankets to suit. No matter if you're jumping off the boat in summer or you're keeping the cold air off your legs in the winter these are a must-have on the boat. 
  • Fishing Vests: Keeping safe around the water is paramount therefore we have pulled together a range of fishing vests & lifejackets for all of our keen anglers. From conventional boat life jackets, to specifically designed rock fishing vests this is the category for you. 
Now that we have highlighted several of our key categories we would like to draw your attention to a series of buying guides that our expert team have pulled together specifically for you. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge & an essential way to do this is with specialised buying guides for all your favourite products. Learn from our team of experts who will deep dive into each category to provide you with the latest insights into new products from our favourite brands. Here are a few buying guides which we think you will love:

Why shop with Land & Sea

Knowledge is meant to be shared, this is something that we are incredibly passionate about. Therefore our team are on a mission to pull together a series of buying guides to provide our valued customers a place to be immersed in knowledge & expertise. Our buying guides are a great place to become an educated purchaser, making informed decisions about the equipment you choose to use. To support the knowledge dump we have a team of buyers dedicated to introducing you to best-in-class products from the world’s biggest brands. Some of which include Svord, Leatherman, Kilwell, Victory Knives, Yeti, Daiwa, Dometic, hPa, Penn, Whitby & many more. 



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