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Matching the right fishing reel with the right fishing rod ensures you are perfectly equipped for your chosen style of fishing. Our team work closely with our trusted brand partners along with using their experience to build an offering of perfectly paired rod & reel combos. Let us do the work for you & trust that your new set is fit for purpose. No matter your preferred style of fishing, we have built a range of fishing combos to suit you no matter your budget. Combo’s are a space that can be somewhat confusing so we have done our very best to remove the clutter and point you directly to the source. Simply select your preferred style of fishing below & browse our leading selection of combos. 
  • Baitrunner Combos: One of NZ’s most celebrated methods of fishing. Pitching a bait in a berley trail or simply a reel that does almost everything, a baitrunner combo is a must for fishing in NZ. This is a category that has expanded in recent years with great additions from world-leading brands such as Daiwa & Penn. Of course, the old trusty Shimano bait runner provides anglers with a set-up for the ages. This is a great place to look no further!
  • Soft Bait Combos: We are passionate about everything soft baiting including curating the perfect range of soft bait combos at all price points. There is a bit of an art to ensure your reel is ideally suited to the correct rod for applications from micro baiting to heavy wash fishing for big snapper. This space provides you with every option you could need & is continuously optimised by our expert team. 
  • Overhead Combos: We all grew up with a trusty boat combo, dropping ledger rigs to harvest our next meal. We have pulled together a category that covers everything from stray lining combos to overhead jig combos. Explore the full range of everything you need in the world of overhead combos. 
  • Topwater Combos: As passionate topwater anglers we have applied our expertise to build a comprehensive range of topwater combs no matter your budget. Topwater fishing continues to grow in popularity as more anglers become educated in the art. We believe it is our responsibility to provide you with access to the latest & greatest equipment so you can thrive as a topwater angler. Check out our offering of topwater combos here. 
  • Electric Combos: Deep drop fishing is one of the fastest developing spaces within fishing. Many of the big tackle manufacturers continue to develop new technology at a rate not seen before. We take the extra time to ensure you have access to these developments & pull together a range that offers something for everyone. 
  • Game Combos: If you love trolling for big pelagic game fish we have everything you need when it comes to game fishing combos. A space that is close to the hearts of many NZ anglers, Game fishing is at an all-time high. As our boats become bigger, accessing offshore waters has never been easier. Check out our full range of game gear from the world’s best all-in-one place. 
  • Surf Casting Combos: Surf Casting is one of those activities that provide anglers with easy access to some of NZ’s most stunning coastlines along with easy access to some great fishing. A space of speedy development, we do our very best to make sure you have easy access to the best surf-casting combos for your next adventure.  
It's one thing to pull together the combos that you want but we believe our team of experts have more to offer. As passionate anglers, we regularly pull together complete buying guides to provide you with in-depth reviews of different products, categories or simply inspiration for your next trip. Because you have an interest in fishing combos we believe you will enjoy the following buying guides that our fishing experts have pulled together. Make sure you keep checking back to our buying guides & inspiration page for regularly posted new articles. 
View all buying guides & inspiration articles here. Or pick from a few we have specifically selected for you below.

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We believe knowledge is to be shared, this is something that we are incredibly passionate about. Therefore our team are on a mission to pull together a series of buying guides to provide our valued customers a place to be immersed in knowledge & expertise. Our buying guides are a great place to become an educated purchaser, making informed decisions about the equipment you choose to use. To support the knowledge dump we have a team of buyers dedicated to introducing you to best-in-class products from the world’s biggest brands. Our fishing combo category include Daiwa, Shimano, Penn, Okuma, Accurate, Jarvis Walker & many more.  



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