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Frequently asked questions about tents

How do I know what size tent I need? When choosing the size of your tent there are a few things you need to consider. Start with how many people will be sleeping in your tent. If weight & size are not major factors, then we recommend upsizing by 1. For example, if it's you & one other then we would suggest a 3-person tent. If you are looking for the most compact solution, then stay true to the occupants within your tent.
How heavy should a hiking tent be? Ideally as light as possible however there are a few factors at play. As a general rule of thumb, the higher your budget the more compact your tent can be due to the use of higher-quality materials. Your weight will also be dependent on the size you choose. If you are travelling by foot or bike then our recommendation is to go as light & compact as you can afford.
Is an air tent better than a pole tent these days? Air tents have become increasingly popular over the last few years; mainly due to the increased quality of the product resulting in increased reliability. Remember that air tents are heavy, but the tradeoff is an easy-to-erect tent with no poles and a huge list of other benefits. For a full rundown on the benefits of air tents read our complete guide to Air Tents here.
How waterproof should my tent be? All tents are rated with a 'MM' rating. This rating directly measures the water pressure the fabric can withstand. For example, a 2,000mm rating can endure 2,000mm (2 meters) of water baring down on the tent before it begins to leak. Hiking tents are generally rated between 800mm & 10,000mm - finding the right water rating is important when considering the conditions you intend to camp.
Do I need a footprint for my tent? Footprints are highly recommended for most tents but most definitely for hiking tents. Footprints take up minimal extra room in your pack but add a vast array of benefits. Here are some of the key benefits. Reduction in condensation, extra warmth, greater durability, additional waterproofing & aiding set up by acting as a template.
Do I need an all-season tent for New Zealand conditions? The most popular tents in NZ tend to be 3-season or 'all-season' tents due to the variable conditions. 3 season tents are designed to deal with Summer, Autumn & Spring conditions. 'All Season' or 4-season tents ensure you are kept safe & dry during winter seasons. If you intend to camp during the cooler months it is our recommendation to look at an 'all-season' tent.
What are the best brands of tents for NZ conditions? Let us take care of this for you. Our expert team have spent countless years either out camping or selecting tent ranges in partnership with the worlds best camping brands. Our buying team carefully select the best gear from the likes of Coleman, Kiwi Camping, Feldon, The North Face, Marmot & more to ensure only the best products are available for you to purchase. If it's not suitable for NZ conditions, we don't have it!
What is the easiest family tent to put up? Without a doubt, an air tent is the fastest & most convenient family tent to erect. Our pick of the bunch is the new weather master air tents by Coleman. These tents are available in 3 different sizes providing options for all size families.
What are the best tents for a family camping trip? Our recommendation is to consider tents of 6-Person or larger for family camping. As always our recommendation is to upsize one above the brand guidelines to provide more space. Consider the list of features you require & establish if you require an air tent or not. With modern technology, we lean towards air as a preference given the convenience.
What tent is best for me if I get claustrophobic? As above, our recommendation is generally to step up one size if & when possible. If you do happen to get claustrophobic, then this would be highly recommended. It may also be worth leaning towards a more dome-style tent for added internal space.


As NZ’s best tent shop, we offer a wide range of specialist tents from Family tents to lightweight hiking tents. To better understand our full range we have provided the below overview of what we have to offer. 
  • Family Tents: When choosing the best tent for your next family adventure look no further than NZ’s best offering of family tents. We offer air tents, traditional canvas tents & fast erecting modern pole tents. Find the perfect family tent for your next adventure. 
  • Rooftop Tents: A little like a treehouse on top of your vehicle, rooftop tents offer a convenient way to travel to our beautiful country. We offer the best range of Feldon rooftop tents in NZ. 
  • Adventure Tents: We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world so of course we specialise in adventure tents perfect for exploring NZ. Adventure tents require a specific set of specifications to ensure ease of use. 
  • Festival Tents: We love nothing more than a New Year’s festival. Our team have curated a range of festival tents perfect for your next celebration.
  • Hiking Tents: We pride ourselves on showcasing NZ’s best range of hiking tents. No matter your budget we have curated a range of hiking tents to provide you with all the options you need. 
  • Swag Tents: Common in Australia & growing in popularity here in NZ Swag tents provide a vast array of benefits for NZ Campers. 
  • Tent Accessories: An important piece to the puzzle, Tent Accessories ensure you have everything you need in one place. Any important addons or repair parts for your favourite tent. 


For a full rundown on hiking tents check out our article on ‘How to choose the best tent for your next adventure’. When considering your next tent here are a few things to consider:

Tent Sleeping Capacity

This one is pretty simple at face value but is a big factor in where we land getting you into the right tent. All major manufacturers provide appropriate guidance on the intended size of their tent range. For example – Coleman Silver Series Darkroom 6P Family Tent. This tent is suitable for up to 6 people. We like to advise going up one size to ensure you have plenty of room within the tent. For example, if you're travelling with 4 people we suggest a 6-person tent. For a full overview of how to choose the right size tent check out our article – Choosing the right size tent for you.  

Tent Season Ratings

This is an important one to consider when choosing the right tent for you. NZ conditions can be harsh & we must ensure our tent can deal with a quick shift in conditions. Although tents are available in 2-3 seasons we recommend 3 or 4-season tents for NZ Conditions. 

Tent Features

When considering your next tent we encourage becoming familiar with key features our brands offer. Below are a few to highlight:
  • Darkroom: Blocking natural light ensures longer sleep-ins & reduced temperature during the hot summers.
  • Vestibules: A protected area external to the tent that provides increased protection as you are entering or exiting your tent.
  • Interior Lighting & Storage: Stay up for longer & ensure all your valuables are packed away from the elements.
  • Doors & Windows: Important to ensure airflow during hot summers and of course easy access. 


Tent Accessories

Find a massive range of tent accessories to help make your tent a little more comfortable.
  • Fans & Heaters: Hot or cold, regulate your temperature with the appropriate heater or fan. 
  • Tent Pegs: Pegs are a vital accessory to ensure everything stays right where it needs to be.
  • Footprints: Providing extra protection from the elements Footprints keep you warm & dry. 
  • Other accessories: View a huge range of tent accessories 


The big reasons why to shop at Land & Sea

Land & Sea works closely with the world-leading camping brands available in NZ. We carefully curate ranges suitable for all camping styles & ensure all products can withstand NZ conditions. Our brands include the likes of Coleman, Kiwi Camping, Orson Outdoors, The North Face, Marmot & many more. We are experts in our field – check out our feature articles to ensure you are buying the right product for you!



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